Darth Vader what were you thinking?

I’ve just finished this piece titled “Darth Vader what were you thinking?” It is painted with acrylic paint and ink on a plywood panel. 40 x 60 x 6cm and will be for sale at the NZ art show in July.


The idea behind this work is to try and visually show what Darth Vader was thinking at this point in his life. Did he experience conflicting emotions? How could he be a father and evil lord at the same time? Does anyone else identify with Darth Vader or is it just me? Given this proposition, how can I visually represent thoughts and emotions? They would be complex, multi-layered and overlapping, there for a few seconds and then gone. Some thoughts would stick in your mind for days and others pass through almost unconsciously.

Or it might just be a painting of a famous movie character with a cult following!

Here are some close ups and a progress video I made when for the painted part of this piece.