Ruru print video

My Ruru (owl) print was really popular at the NZ Art show, and I had a lot of people ask me how I added the colour to my prints. I’ve made a time lapse video of the process. The colour comes from powered dye, which I add with a tea strainer to the wet paper. […]

NZ Art Show work

Below are the paintings that I exhibited at the NZ Art show, 25 – 28th July. The paintings that sold are marked as such.  Thanks to everyone that came the NZ Art show, particularly those who picked up one or more of my works.

Signature Piece finalist

I have some very exciting news! My Artwork “Dead or Alive Deer” has been selected as one of the ten finalists for the Signature Art Awards at the 2014 NZ Art show. My painting will be on display at the front of the NZ Art show along with the other finalists, and will be voted on […]

Endemic World interview

I was interviewed last week by Endemic World. Here is most of the interview, just pop over to the Endemic blog to check out the whole thing. They also stock some of my prints and originals and if you are in Auckland you can go and check them out. You’re a photography teacher as well as artist. […]

Tree of Life

My latest screen print is a large A2 print of a tree with its roots spreading into the ground. It was inspired by my sister Jessie’s wedding stamp, which was a silhouette of a tree and roots. I really like how the patterns move and develop organically to give the impression of leaves. This screen […]

The evolution of my patterns

I’ve been thinking lately about how the patterns I use in my work have developed over the last five years or so. I started off adding typography to the painted, textured backgrounds on my canvas paintings. The words were written in Indian ink using a very fine point brush. The ink worked much better than […]